Negligent Entrustment

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Making the Case - Negligent Entrustment
Selected Illinois Verdicts and Settlements
$275,585 Verdict (Cook County):  Plaintiff hailed a taxi driven by a man named Kingsley, who was operating the cab without a driver’s license or a City of Chicago chauffeur’s license, but with the consent of the cab’s lessor, defendant Williams. Allegedly, Kingsley acted in concert with others, who beat and robbed plaintiff. Plaintiff contended Williams was negligent in entrusting the cab to Kingsley and may have been involved in the incident. Defense argued that Williams was not involved, and insisted he could not have known that Kingsley would beat and rob plaintiff.
$1,550,000 Settlement (Boone County):  Plaintiff was a passenger on a Rhino ATV driven by defendant at his parents’ farmstead. Defendant made a sharp turn, the ATV rolled, and plaintiff sustained a compound tibiofibular fracture. Plaintiff maintained that he was unaware of any seatbelt in the ATV, and included a negligent entrustment count against defendant’s parents in this action.
$14,000,000 Settlement (Cook County):  Plaintiff’s stopped van was rear-ended by defendant’s tow truck on the Dan Ryan Expressway. Plaintiff was rendered paraplegic. Lawsuit included a negligent entrustment count because the towing company hired defendant driver despite knowledge of his horrible driving record, which included 5 license suspensions, a DUI accident, and multiple convictions for driving on a suspended license and speeding.
$2,750,000 Settlement (Lake County):  Defendant teen lost control of his father’s company car and crashed into a utility box. Plaintiff passenger M-19 suffered paralyzing injuries. The teens had just left a party where the homeowners failed to stop beer drinking on the premises. The insurer for the homeowners paid $2.5 million, while the insurer for the father’s company car paid $250,000 on the negligent entrustment claim.
$200,000 Settlement (Cook County):  Defendant (17) let plaintiff (17) drive his high-speed “pocket rocket” motorcycle even though plaintiff was unlicensed, inexperienced, and unable to safely operate the vehicle. Helmetless plaintiff lost control, crashed, and was killed instantly. Defendant was sued under the theory of negligent entrustment.
$56,500 Verdict (Kane County):  Plaintiff was left-turning from northbound Mitchell Road (Aurora) onto Friar Drive when northbound defendant tried to pass. Lawsuit included the allegation that the vehicle’s owner should not have entrusted the vehicle to defendant, whom she knew had never held a driver’s license.
$2,550,000 Settlement (Warren County): Plaintiff bicyclist was hit from behind by a pickup owned by Alfred and Vera, and driven by their son, Troy. Plaintiff suffered massive trauma, but made a miraculous recovery. Troy was driving on a suspended license-as he had been cited for 6 times before-and had incurred more than 40 moving violations in the last 10 years. Alfred and Vera were sued for negligent entrustment.