Knee Replacement Surgery

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Selected Illinois Verdicts and Settlements

$360,064 Verdict (Cook County): F-49 claimed that defendant utilized an improper knee replacement procedure given her pre-existing rheumatoid arthritis and flexion contracture, and failed to appropriately balance the medial and lateral collateral ligaments intraoperatively, necessitating revision surgery. Defense argued that the surgical procedure was appropriate and performed properly, and asserted that plaintiff missed a number of physical therapy appointments, which contributed to her negative outcome.

$2,926,748 Verdict (Champaign County): F-52 underwent a partial knee replacement performed by defendant—who she claims misaligned the femoral component, then removed too much of her kneecap—necessitating a subsequent total knee replacement by another surgeon and resulting in substantial range of motion loss. The defense contested both negligence and damages.

$700,000 Settlement (Cook County): F-34 alleged that following knee replacement surgery due to severe osteoarthritis, her knee was unstable because of defendant’s negligence. Plaintiff subsequently needed three additional knee procedures.

$1,064,348 Verdict (LaSalle County): M-52 was struck in the left knee by a car, and underwent a total knee replacement after cortisone injections and arthroscopies were ineffective. However, plaintiff suffered from post-op knee instability and eventually needed to have the prosthesis replaced. Allegedly, the original prosthesis was the wrong type. The defense maintained that the initial prosthesis was appropriate, and attributed plaintiff’s subsequent instability to damage sustained in a post-op fall.

$300,000 Settlement (McHenry County): F-72 says that defendant negligently installed the tibial tray of her left knee prosthesis with an excessive internal rotation, necessitating a complete revision of the prosthesis.

Defense Verdict (Cook County): Plaintiff F-69 claimed that deft orthopedist improperly installed the tibial component at the wrong angle during her total right knee replacement. As a result, plaintiff underwent a second knee arthroplasty to revise the prosthesis. Defense contended that the tibial component was properly installed, but shifted due to forces outside defendant’s control—including broken or expanding cement, plaintiff’s bone stock quality, her osteoarthritis and her weight.

$1,125,000 Verdict (Cook County): Allegedly, defendant misaligned the tibial component during F-53 plaintiff’s total right knee replacement, and utilized excessively long tourniquet compression, resulting in peroneal nerve injury and premature loosening of the prosthesis that necessitated revision surgery. Defense argued that these were all recognized risks of the procedure.